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Steve Ballmer Goes Nuts During Kawhi Leonard & Paul George Press Conference

Steve Ballmer: “I have these notes but I just want to say I’m FIRED UP to be here today. IT’S PRETTY COOL , IT’S PRETTY DAMN COOL (starts loudly clapping) WOOOOO!!!! I’m just delighted and so proud right now… I’m PUMPED to say hello as Clippers to Paul and Kawhi. C’MON GET UP! GET UP! IF YOU’RE AS PSYCHED AS I AM, GET UP! [While Voice is cracking] WE GOT TWO GUYS WHO I AM SO EXCITED TO HAVE!”

Los Angeles Clippers owner Steve Ballmer lost his mind at Kawhi Leonard and Paul George’s introductory press conference with the media, as the once dormant franchise who has been North America’s most incompetent team, is suddenly the betting favorite to win the 2020 NBA Finals.

The animated Ballmer is one of the most hands-on executive in sports but the co-founder of Microsoft couldn’t contain his emotions during the team’s proudest day in its history.

Ballmer’s four-minute introduction sounded more like a Ric Flair promo with all the ‘WOOOO!!’s coming from Ballmer’s mouth, as he kept demanding the audience to ‘GET UP!’ while welcoming in the game’s best two-way players in.

Ballmer said he was PUMPED and ended his presser with ‘YOU DON’T THINK WE’RE GOING TO WIN SOME BALL GAMES HERE?!’ and then screamed ‘THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS IS THE LARRY OB!!’ referring to the Larry O’Brien championship trophy awarded to the NBA champion.