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Mariano Rivera Says 'Enter Sandman' Was Not His Choice For Entrance Music

San Francisco Giants v New York Yankees
Dan Patrick: “You had no choice in the ‘Enter Sandman’ song, that was the marketing people, right?”
Mariano Rivera: “No, I did not.”
Patrick: “If YOU would have picked your walk-up song, what would you have picked?”
Rivera: “There’s a song from a Panamanian artist named Ruben Blades. The song is called ‘Patria’. That song is kind of like our Pledge of Allegiance and it’s something special as a Panamanian.”

The greatest closer in baseball history, Mariano Rivera, stopped by The Dan Patrick Show on Thursday and talked a little bit about his legendary 'Enter Sandman' entrance music that became synonymous with Rivera's iconic career.

Rivera admitted that the hit song from the band Metallica was actually chosen by a marketing team represented by the Yankees at the time, and that he didn't have the idea for the most memorable theme song in baseball history.

Rivera tells Dan Patrick that if HE got to choose the music that played as he jogged in from the bullpen it would be a song by Panamanian artist Ruben Blades titled 'Patria'.


Check out the segment below and also check out the full interview at the bottom of the page as Rivera talks about how he failed as a starting pitcher, why he pressured Joe Torre into allowing him to play center field, and if he thinks former teammate Derek Jeter should be a unanimous Hall of Famer.