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Why You Shouldn't Believe Taylor Lewan's Performance Enhancing Drug Denials

Divisional Round - Tennessee Titans v New England Patriots
Clay Travis: “Do you believe athletes in general when they fail drug tests and claim they had no idea they might have been doing something improper? My general position is NO. You can say I’m a cynic because of what we saw with Lance Armstrong, Ryan Braun, Marion Jones, and Barry Bonds. Over the years there is virtually NO athlete who has tested positive for a banned substance and immediately said ‘You know what, I was trying to skirt the issue and avoid getting caught and I got caught’. EVERY single athlete claims the drug that was caught in their system has occurred in error and someone else is responsible for their error. If you get popped, my assumption is you knew you were running afoul to the law, or so close to the line that you knew something like this could happen. I’m not inclined to believe Taylor Lewan just like I’m not inclined to believe anybody out there. I just don’t believe guys when they deny because we have seen so many blatant lies.”

Listen to Clay Travis discuss Tennessee Titan left tackle Taylor Lewan’s tearful Twitter apology on Wednesday, when he broke news himself that he had tested position for a banned performance enhancing drug.

Lewan, who became the NFL’s highest paid offensive lineman last year when he signed a five-year, $80 million extension, is facing a four-game suspension.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported Wednesday that one of his samples had tested positive and the league was waiting on the results of a second sample before they officially handed down any punishment.

The real news was when Lewan posted an emotional two-minute video saying he wasn’t a cheater and he didn’t knowingly take a banned supplement called Osatrine, and said how he was going to post the results of a lie detector test that would prove just that.

Clay thought the video seemed a little token, considering it was the type of stereotypical ‘I didn’t knowingly…’ denial that literally every athlete initially uses when they’ve been caught.

Check out the audio below as Clay says it’s almost impossible to believe any athlete this day in age when you take into account that no high profile athlete has ever just taken full responsibility out of the gates.

Why You Shouldn't Believe Taylor Lewan's Performance Enhancing Drug Denials