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Former Mets Announcer: 'Noah Syndergaard is Dumber than a Box of Rocks'

Gotham Magazine Celebrates its Late Spring Issue with Noah Syndergaard at 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge, New York
Seth Everett: “If the Yankees are dumb enough to acquire Mr. ’10-cent head’ Noah Syndergaard than they deserve their own fate.”
Mike Harmon: “Ten-cent head?”
Seth Everett: “He is as dumb as a box of rocks. When he was a rookie and I was a New York Mets employee, I talked to a very prominent Minor League manager and they told me he’s not allowed to shake off the catcher.”

Former New York Mets radio announcer Seth Everett joined The Jason Smith Show Thursday to talk about potential trade partners for Mets superstar starting pitcher Noah Syndergaard, but the conversation delved into Everett talking about stories he heard when Syndergaard was one of the top prospects in the Mets organization while Everett worked for WOR 710 in New York City in 2014.

Everett says no team should go out of their way to acquire ‘Mr. 10 cent head’, a Bull Durham (1988) reference, and says he was once told by a Minor League manager that Syndergaard wasn’t allowed to shake off catchers while he was in the Minors.

The Mets have reportedly been shopping the former All-Star, who is always considered a perennial Cy Young candidate, but a player who has never pitched over 200 innings as a Major Leaguer in five professional seasons.

Check out the audio below:

Former Mets Announcer: 'Noah Syndergaard is Dumber than a Box of Rocks'