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Colin Cowherd: Jon Gruden Sounds Like a Guy 'Pretending' to be an NFL Coach

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Jon Gruden: “Everybody out there has dreams. I said it to the rookies, everyone says they have a ‘dream’ about making it in the NFL. I’ve got a ‘dream’ about winning a Super Bowl. I’ve got a ‘dream’ of being in the Pro Bowl. I’m really not into dreams anymore, I’m into NIGHTMARES. You gotta end someone’s dream and take their job, you gotta take their HEART.”
Colin Cowherd: “Jon Gruden was a great coach, then he became a TV star… I don’t think he’s a great coach yet, and I’m not sure if he will ever be; he was out of the league for 10 years. When you watch that clip, is that a football coach, or a star PRETENDING to be a football coach??”

Listen to Colin Cowherd comment on a recent episode teaser for the upcoming season of HBO’s ‘Hard Knocks’ television program that does an annual season covering the training camp and preseason of an NFL team’s August schedule.

The teaser features Oakland Raiders head coach Jon Gruden giving a passionate speech in front of his players about how Gruden isn’t looking for guys with a ‘dream’ anymore, but wants guys who want to ‘END’ people’s dreams and cause ‘NIGHTMARES’.

The trailer was received well on social media, with most users hyped for the new season featuring a colorful head coach with some of the best sound bites in professional sports, but Colin says the ‘rah-rah’ might sound good for TV but doubts that the viral language will actually make the Raiders a better football team.

Check out the audio below as Colin says that Gruden sounded like an actor playing a football coach.

Colin Cowherd: Jon Gruden Sounds Like a Guy 'Pretending' to Be an NFL Coach