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Colin Cowherd Says Deshaun Watson is Better than Baker Mayfield

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Colin Cowherd: “NFL Network, are you actually watching the games or are you just trying to get under my skin?? We have a new guy in the league that is disrespected. Baker Mayfield inherited a GREAT situation: veteran offensive coaches, Pro Bowl receiver, fledgling superstar tight end, and a tremendous running back group. Deshaun Watson has been dealing with an albatross of an offensive line, no separators at tight end, one great receiver, but he’s doubled and it’s hard to consistently get the ball to people when you’re on your back.”

Listen to Colin Cowherd discuss the NFL Network’s recent release of their annual ‘Top 100 Players’ list, and explain why he has a problem with the rankings putting Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield (#50) ahead of Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson (#51).

Both players have had two very successful starts to their careers, but Colin says he finds it mind boggling that the NFL Network's rankings would put Mayfield ahead of Watson, considering Watson just led the Texans to an 11-5 season that won his team the division, while Mayfield’s Browns went 7-8-1 and missed out on the playoffs.

The rankings are conducted by the players themselves.

Check out the audio below as Cowherd explains why Mayfield inherited a much better supporting cast than Watson, and details why Watson’s numbers have been so extraordinary considering Houston has DeAndre Hopkins and not a lot else.

Colin Cowherd Says Deshaun Watson is Better than Baker Mayfield