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Marcus Stroman Once Won $100 on Nickelodeon Kids Game Show 'Figure It Out'

Tampa Bay Rays v Toronto Blue Jays

Former Toronto Blue Jays ace Marcus Stroman is returning to New York after the Long Island native was shockingly traded from Toronto to the New York Mets, but that might not have been the biggest surprise of the weekend.

Just hours after the unexpected trade, the popular twitter fan account ‘@Metsthrowbacks’ uploaded a hilarious dated video from Stroman making an appearance on an old Nickelodeon children’s game show ‘Figure It Out’, hosted by former United States Olympic swimmer Summer Sanders.

The popular show that featured Sanders as its host from 1997-1999, was one of the network’s most popular shows, having a panel of network stars try and guess hidden talents of its young contestants.

During breaks between rounds the show would give away prizes to members of the audience, sometimes from random selections. The hilarious unearthed video features Stroman as a child being announced as the winner of a $100 Toys "R" Us gift card.

Sanders oddly butchers Stroman's name, pausing between the syllables ‘Mark-Us’, but you can see the grinning Stroman, who would be between the ages of 6 and 8 depending on the date of the show, standing up and clapping, doing a couple fist pumps in the same animated way he has notoriously replicated on the field as an MLB player.

The 28-year-old from Medford, NY was one of the biggest names on the Major League Baseball trading block, linked to contenders the likes of the Yankees, Astros, and Red Sox, but no one had predicted the floundering Mets, five games under. 500 and six games out of the second Wild Card spot, to make a power move for the 2019 All-Star.

Check out the awesome video below.