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Pelicans VP David Griffin Says Zion Williamson is Still Getting Taller

Washington Wizards v New Orleans Pelicans
David Griffin: "I don't know that we can determine a weight yet. Zion's still growing. One of the things that's lost in this whole process is that, like Jaxson Hayes, Zion is still getting taller. We're not exactly sure what he'll look like in the end. So a playing weight is not what you look for. What you look for is to be in top condition, to have the kind of core strength and stability that you need to control all of the incredible torque that his athleticism can generate. So what you have to do with him is do everything you can from a core and stability standpoint to give him more ability to control what he already has in terms of strength and speed."

Listen to Colin Cowherd and Joy Taylor discuss New Orleans Pelicans Vice President David Griffin’s recent comments on Pelicans rookie Zion Williamson getting ‘taller’.

Griffin told The Athletic that the 285-pound phenom is still growing, and says despite worries about his weight potentially dooming his basketball career, Griffin thinks we still aren’t sure what type of body frame Zion is going to grow into.

Despite being just 19-years-old, Zion is already the second heaviest player in the NBA behind Dallas Mavericks giant Boban Marjanovic, who is 7’3”.

Griffin says Zion ‘outgrew’ Duke Blue Devils teammate RJ Barrett while at school last year, who is listed on the New York Knicks roster at 6’7”.

Check out the audio below as Joy and Colin discuss how other notable players in sports history have memorably grown unusually large amounts in short spans.

Pelicans VP David Griffin Says Zion Williamson is Still Getting Taller