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Why the Baltimore Ravens Are Ruining Lamar Jackson's Career

Wild Card Round - San Diego Chargers v Baltimore Ravens
Chris Broussard: “The Ravens are playing with fire in Baltimore. I’d be shocked if Lamar Jackson remained upright if he was going to run that ball that much. You can’t win big that way in the NFL.”
Rob Parker: “You got to get this guy to throw the football and remain unpredictable in this league or he’s going to get hurt.”

Listen to Rob Parker and Chris Broussard discuss comments Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh made on the NFL Network, Sunday, when asked how many carries Lamar Jackson would be getting this season out of the pocket.

Former Ravens head coach Brian Billick asked Harbaugh how many carries Jackson would be receiving this season, and mentioned Cam Newton’s career high of 139 rushing attempts in 2017 when Newton rushed for 754 yards in six touchdowns.

Harbaugh said ‘I’d bet the over on that one, I’d bet the over for sure’.

Both Chris and Rob think this is an extremely dangerous strategy if true, considering Newton is over 50 pounds bigger than Jackson and has infamously taken some of the biggest hits in NFL history.

Check out the audio below as Parker and Broussard explain why the Ravens are playing with fire if they’re actually willing to let Jackson continue to function as primarily a running quarterback after a season in which Jackson didn’t have a single game in which he attempted over 25 passes.

Last season Jackson had 147 carries, an NFL single-season record.

Why the Baltimore Ravens Are Ruining Lamar Jackson's Career