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Clay Travis Says United States MEN'S Soccer Team Should Demand Higher Pay

United States of America v Netherlands : Final - 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup France
Clay Travis: “In this ridiculous United States Women’s National Team debate about whether or not they deserve equal pay, how many people have you actually heard give you facts?? If anybody should be complaining about inferior pay, it should be the United States MEN’S soccer team.”

Listen to Clay Travis discuss United States Soccer Federation president Carlos Cordeiro writing an open letter and posting it to his official Twitter account that included revealing data about the actual financial data regarding both the men’s and women’s US soccer teams.

One of the biggest storylines in sports the last couple months has been centered around the women’s national team suing the USSF for gender discrimination concerning their pay, as the United States Women's National Team used their recent World Cup to put on exclamation point why they should be making equal pay to their male counterparts, who have perpetually underachieved for decades.

Cordeiro, however, posted statistics Monday that painted a much different picture to the narrative members of the women’s team had been pushing for months.

Cordeiro’s numbers revealed the USWNT’s financials had been greatly exaggerated in the media, and included language that said the women’s team was actually LOSING money.

Not only did Cordeiro point out that women were being paid more in salaries than the men, but the women were bringing in profits half of what the men were on average.

Clay Travis says we need to do a better job arguing facts in our country instead of letting sham narratives run roughshod.

Check out the audio below as Clay says it should have been the MEN demanding a raise all along.

Clay Travis Says United States MEN'S Soccer Team Should Demand Higher Pay