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Colin Cowherd: New Orleans Saints Will Not Make the Playoffs This Year

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Colin Cowherd: “The NFL every year has a really good team that gets inches from the Super Bowl and the following year they stink… The last two years it was Minnesota from 13-3 to didn’t make the playoffs, and then Jacksonville from AFC Championship to 5-11. The Saints are that team this year, folks, they’re crashing down hard. They’re still fuming over that NFC Championship loss last year, Drew Brees looked old and tired at the end of the last year, and their schedule early on is absolutely the toughest in the NFL. Valuable center Max Unger retired, valuable running back Mark Ingram left, and Michael Thomas is holding out. You can see this from a mile away.”

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he doesn’t think the New Orleans Saints will make the playoffs next season, as Colin discusses the recent news of a judge calling on NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to testify about the missed pass interference call last season in the NFC Championship Game.

Colin says the Saints will soon become last year’s version of the Jacksonville Jaguars, as a team who was minutes away from a Super Bowl appearance that would quickly deteriorate soon thereafter.

Colin discusses Mark Ingram recently saying the Saints organization will NEVER get over the way the NFC Championship ended last year, and says that bitter hangover will ultimately doom the 2019 season.

Check out the audio below as Colin says you should see New Orleans' demise from a mile away.

Colin Cowherd Says the New Orleans Saints Will Plummet This Season