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Judge Orders Roger Goodell to Testify Under Oath About NFC Championship

2019 NFC Championship

A Louisiana judge ordered NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and three league officials to answer questions under oath about the missed pass interference call in the final moments of the NFC Championship game between the New Orleans Saints and Los Angeles Rams. Had the referees made the correct call, it would have likely sealed the game for the Saints. Instead, the Rams were able to tie the game, before winning in overtime and earning a trip to the Super Bowl.

Saints fans were livid with the missed call, and a few even filed lawsuits against the league. Most of the suits, including one demanding the game be replayed, were thrown out of federal court.

One of those lawsuits, which was filed in state court by Antonio LeMon, is still alive and making its way through Louisiana's legal system. The 4th Circuit Court of Appeals recently upheld a judge's decision to allow the suit to move forward.

Orleans Parish Civil District Court Judge Nicole Sheppard ruled that since the lawsuit can proceed, Goodell and three league officials must sit down with LeMon and answer questions under oath in September.

LeMon's suit alleges that NFL officials committed fraud for missing the blatant call. He is seeking $75,000 in damages, which he plans to donate to charity.

Photo: Getty Images