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Rob Parker: LeBron James Needs to GET OFF the Court During Bronny's Games

NBA All-Star Game 2018

Listen to Rob Parker and Chris Broussard discuss the viral video making the rounds on Twitter, Tuesday, that show NBA superstar LeBron James running onto the court during his son Bronny’s AAU basketball game and embracing with the players after a big alleyoop.

Rob Parker says you can’t have parents going wild like this at a children’s sporting event, and says what if every parent in the building just starts running onto the court DURING the game because their child made a good play??

The story became the biggest sports topic of the week after FS1 Speak For Yourself co-host Jason Whitlock did a monologue segment on the show saying LeBron needs to ‘sit his a** down’ and said his desire for fame and attention has become a dangerous drug for him.

Parker says he used to be a Little League umpire and discussed how much of a problem rowdy parents like LeBron can really be during a game.

Broussard, however, disagrees with Rob, saying LeBron isn’t just your average dad running onto the field during a tee ball game, this is one of the most famous athletes in the history of sports.

Check out the audio below as Parker and Broussard debate this bizarre story.

Rob Parker: LeBron James Needs to Get Off the Court During Bronny's Games