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Cam Newton Spotted at a Charlotte Walmart Wearing Bizarre Outfit

Cam Newton at Walmart

Cam Newton might go down as one of the most notorious fashion icons in sports history, but it’s safe to say Newton’s fame was teetering on infamy Wednesday July 25th , as TMZ obtained some snooping photos from a Walmart customer that spotted the Carolina Panthers quarterback getting some shopping in the canned foods aisle.

The shopper was able to get some pretty good shots of Newton, who was wearing white suspenders with no sleeves, a gold head scarf, with a black felt brim hat, glasses, and more importantly, holding a purse.

The 6’6”, 250-pound Newton is one of the most physically imposing players in league history, and was definitely popping out of his suspenders showing off the bulbous biceps.

Newton is a former MVP who played against Peyton Manning in the Super Bowl in 2015, but his name has become synonymous with colorful clothing and glitzy jewelry, in an era where men’s fashion and major athletics have closely partnered together.

One of the most landmark moments in modern fashion history was former NBA commissioner David Stern implementing a league-wide NBA dress code before the 2005 season requiring players dress in 'business or conservative attire'. Men's fashion was greatly impacted by the rule change, as NBA players soon became the posterboys for men's fashion among American athletes. Fifteen years later, and Cam firmly holds that torch as 'best dressed', with Odell Beckham Jr. right behind.