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Clay Travis: LeBron's 'Taco Tuesday' Post Presents a Racist Double Standard

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Clay Travis: “If a white athlete came on and said it’s ‘Fried Chicken Thursday’ and said it in a black accent, he would get suspended and might get kicked out of the league. It would go viral and everyone would be like ‘OMG THIS IS INCREDIBLY INSENSITIVE!' It’s crazy how we have different standards of speech for different people. Why does LeBron get a pass to do a Mexican accent? He was already offended by the word 'posse' and thought that was racially insensitive. So, you’re a big Social Justice Warrior and offended by other people’s word choices then when you pretend to be a Mexican person on Taco Tuesday? That’s not really fitting your overall brand. He's already said he wants to make that 'Jewish money'.

Listen to Clay Travis discuss a recent video LeBron James posted online that showed an excited and animated LeBron appearing to talk in a Mexican accent while chanting ‘TACO TUESDAY’, as he continues a trend of posting videos on the popular hashtag.

Clay says it’s ironic that one of the biggest Social Justice Warriors in sports, who once criticized former Knicks executive Phil Jackson for using the word ‘posse’, is on video talking in a Mexican accent and stereotyping Mexicans with eating tacos.

Check out the audio below as Clay says this would be a frontpage news story if this was a white athlete doing this, and how a perpetually outraged Twitter mob would demand the white player be suspended for racism and hurtful insensitivity.

Clay Travis: LeBron's 'Taco Tuesday' Post Presents a Racist Double Standard