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Does Jon Gruden Dislike Derek Carr?

Oakland Raiders v Arizona Cardinals
Jon Gruden: “This Nathan Peterman is growing on me. I know he’s got some nightmare performances in the NFL but when you watch the film you can see why... It’s not all his fault.”
Colin Cowherd: “Peterman is your third string quarterback! Could you say something nice about Derek Carr?? Why isn’t he talking about Carr? He’s a guy that needs a little love. Why are you talking about Nathan Peterman?? He sounded like a broadcaster talking about a backup challenging a starter for a job. Carr is the only one of the top 15 quarterbacks where you kind of feel like the coach doesn’t like him. And before the Draft, Gruden talked about how much he loved Kyler Murray! Can you sprinkle some of those loves sprinkles on the Carr cupcake!?”

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he finds it incredibly bizarre that Jon Gruden was going out of his way Tuesday, to publicly praise Oakland Raiders third string quarterback Nathan Peterman during Raiders training camp.

Peterman, who has infamously posted some of the worst stat lines in NFL history, possesses a 32.5 career QB rating, and once notoriously threw five interceptions of the first half during a game in 2017.

Check out the segment below as Colin wonders why in the heck Gruden is talking up his BACKUP quarterback and not his franchise STARTING quarterback Derek Carr.