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Steven Jackson Gets Drug Tested After Signing One-Day Contract With Rams

St. Louis Rams  v Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Former St. Louis Rams running back Steven Jackson signed a ceremonial one-day contract with his former team that he starred on from 2004-2012, as he planned to officially retire a Ram.

The honorable act is very commonplace for former superstars to have one last photo opportunity and give their closest fans the final chance to see their beloved heroes sport the colors they once dawned during the proudest moments of their career.

Well, the NFL apparently tried to rain on that parade Thursday, as Jackson tweeted out from his official Twitter account that he had been approached by the NFL to be summoned to the league’s official drug advisor, John Lombardo, MD, for a drug test.

Jackson responded on Twitter:

“Dear NFL, you can tell Mr. Lombardo that I signed a one day contract. I will not be reporting today for my random drug test screening. Thanks in advance. #Retirement life ;).

Then later tweeted:

“But I’ll take a 1/365 of NFL salary paycheck though.”

Former Rams players Chris Long and James Laurinaitis responded in shock to Jackson’s tweet, with Long tweeting ‘No way bro’, and Laurentiis tweeting ‘But for real??’

Jackson made three Pro Bowls in his career in 2006, 2009, and 2010, but at one time was considered the NFL’s best running back.

In 2006 he led the NFL in total yards with 2,334 yards from scrimmage, rushing for 1,528 yards and adding 806 yards receiving.

Jackson had last appeared in the NFL in 2015 with the New England Patriots at the age of 32, but he appeared in just 2 games.