Colin Cowherd Says Mitch Trubisky Has a 'Low Ceiling'

Minnesota Vikings v Chicago Bears
Colin Cowherd: “Mitch Trubisky had a very Jared Goff first year and a very Jared Goff second year and made a big leap, but the difference is, when I watch Goff I see an arm talent that is elite and getting better. When I watch Trubisky I see a really good athlete who is not an elite arm talent. My eyes tell me there’s a much lower ceiling for Trubisky than Goff.This league is not about your quarterback always playing with a lead, sometimes you're trailing and forced to throw. That's why Trubisky and Lamar Jackson look like limited ceiling guys."

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he doesn’t think Chicago Bears third-year starting quarterback Mitch Trubisky has a very high ceiling and says Trubisky is a lot more like Andy Dalton than he is Jared Goff.

Trubisky is coming off a very successful second season in the NFL, leading the Bears to an 11-3 record and playoff appearance, while throwing for 24 touchdowns 3,223 yards.

Cowherd, however, sees Trubisky as more of a game manger type quarterback, who needs a competent coaching staff and elite defense to steer him to success, saying he doesn’t see the same type of raw arm talent in Trubisky that he sees in a young player like Goff.

Check out the audio below as Colin says he doesn’t see Trubisky ever being the type of quarterback who can single-handedly lead teams back from a deficit, where they’re forced to put their arm talents on display almost every play.

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