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Rob Parker Says Tom Brady is a 'Washed Up and Decrepit Has-Been'

New England Patriots v Detroit Lions
Rob Parker: “Tom Brady doesn’t deserve a raise, he’s the first player in NFL history who is collecting three paychecks: his pay, his social security, and his pension! ENOUGH ALREADY. Why are you doing this?? Brady doesn’t deserve another nickel and is just being paid for the past. From here on out, Brady is FINISHED, WASHED UP, and is a HAS-BEEN. STOP IT WITH JUST GIVING AWAY MONEY TO PEOPLE. The Patriots have lost their way. They used to always cut bait sooner rather than later with aging players and that’s why they’ve been able to sustain winning over all these years. THIS is when the franchise goes the other way and gets sentimental without looking at the facts. They will regret this when Jimmy Garoppolo becomes a star in the NFL and they have to remember that they fell in love with Tom Brady’s GHOST."

Listen to Rob Parker’s next great Tom Brady rant, as the notorious Brady hater went another bloody assault at the six-time Super Bowl legend who was just granted with a two-year extension by the New England Patriots.

Parker called Brady a ‘decrepit and washed-up has-been’, and said the Patriots are going to regret rewarding the GHOST of Brady with an extension that would have been suited for a quarterback who actually has some game left in him.

Check out the epic rant below as Parker says this is one of the worst moves in NFL history, and says the 42-year-old ‘didn’t deserve another nickel’.

Rob Parker Says Tom Brady is a Washed Up and Decrepit 'Has-Been'