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Why Baker Mayfield Chugging Beers in Public is Unacceptable

The Tostitos Cantina At Super Bowl LIVE In Atlanta, Georgia
Colin Cowherd: "What do you think of Baker Mayfield chugging beers??"
Rob Parker: “It’s amateur hour and frat boy central. People can have a good time but people have to remember you always represent the organization and the camera is always on you. It’s not a good look to kids. There is a certain responsibility you have as a face of the franchise.”
Colin Cowherd: “It’s not the end of the world but when you are the corner office representative you are the face of a billion dollar franchise. When somebody comes up to me wanting a picture and I have a cocktail, I put it down. I don’t want to represent my company, I have alcohol in my hand. People know I like a cocktail, but out of respect for my network I put the drink down. Even though I’m out with my wife, I’m still ‘representing the company.'"

Listen to Colin Cowherd and Rob Parker discuss Baker Mayfield’s viral video from last weekend’s Cleveland Indians game, that spotted the Browns franchise quarterback shotgunning a beer on the Titantron as he was sitting in a luxury box at Progressive Field.

This week, Colin already said the Browns care more about having the ‘coolest fraternity house in the NFL’ than actually having a winning team, and continued that take Tuesday saying it’s a little demeaning for the Browns to have their franchise quarterback going viral for chugging booze in public.

Parker agreed, saying it’s not a great message to send to children either, as the PG-13 Mayfield has continually established himself as football’s most unapologetic anti-hero.

Check out the audio below as Rob and Colin try to offer some advice to Baker.

Why Baker Mayfield Chugging Beers in Public is Unacceptable