Colin Cowherd Describes Every Team in the NFL in Just Three Words

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Colin Cowherd Describes Every NFL Team in Three Words:

AFC East

New England Patriots: ‘Somehow Getting Younger’

Miami Dolphins: ‘Fitz of Delusion’

New York Jets: ‘Double Their Wins’

Buffalo Bills: ‘All on Allen’

AFC South

Houston Texans: ‘Deshaun, DeAndre, Defense’

Tennessee Titans: ‘Mariota or Divorce-iota?’

Indianapolis Colts: ‘Best of Luck’

Jacksonville Jaguars: ‘Don’t Be Foles-ed’

AFC West

Kansas City Chiefs: ‘Window Wide Open’

San Diego Chargers: ‘Good Without Gordon’

Denver Broncos: ‘Your Average Joe’

Oakland Raiders: ‘Silver and YAP’

AFC North

Baltimore Ravens: ‘Passing on Passing’

Cincinnati Bengals: ‘Disaster Taylor Made’

Pittsburgh Steelers: ‘Addition By Attraction’

Cleveland Browns: ‘Potential Kitchens Nightmare’

NFC East

Dallas Cowboys: ‘America’s Noisiest Team’

Philadelphia Eagles: ‘Wentz & For All’

New York Giants: ‘QB vs. Newbie’

Washington Redskins: ‘Haskins For Trouble’

NFC South

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: ‘Winston or Lose-ton’

Atlanta Falcons: ‘Quinn Better Win’

Carolina Panthers: ‘Never Cam Tell’

New Orleans Saints: ‘GET OVER IT’

NFC West

San Francisco 49ers: ‘Gimme More Jimmy’

Arizona Cardinals: ‘Murray-Up Offense’

Los Angeles Rams: ‘No Hangover Here’

Seattle Seahawks: ‘Russ Got His’

NFC North

Chicago Bears: ‘Trubisky or False-bisky?’

Detroit Lions: ‘Matt or Doormat?’

Minnesota Vikings: ‘Kirk Better Work’

Green Bay Packers: ‘LeFleur or Le-Ceiling?’

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