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Doug Gottlieb Says NCAA's New Agent Rules Have Nothing to Do With Rich Paul

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Doug Gottlieb: “This is the NCAA going, ‘okay, here’s a low bar, just have a degree, be a legitimate agent for a couple years, come in and meet with us and pass the test so you know the NCAA rules, and then you can go and sign NCAA players and talk with them about the possibility of them leaving for the NBA. Rich Paul has lawyers that work for him. The fact that Rich Paul doesn’t have a Bachelor’s degree should be a warning sign. I want my agent to only have a Bachelor’s degree, I want him to have a Master’s degree, AND a law degree.”

Listen to Doug Gottlieb explain why he vehemently disagrees with the derision the NCAA has absorbed the last 24 hours, after they announced sweeping changes to the way elite college basketball players select their representation before the NBA Draft.

The NCAA made drastic alterations to the regulations individuals considering themselves ‘agents’ have to meet before they can represent players. Such rules include:

NBA Players Association certification three years old (in consecutive years), completion of an in-person exam administered at the NCAA headquarters in Indianapolis, professional liability insurance, and lastly and most controversially, a Bachelor’s degree.

Media pundits have even gone so far to call it the ‘Rich Paul Rule’, as LeBron James’ childhood friend Rich Paul has risen imminently in the ranks of the most powerful agents in the NBA despite never going to college.

Check out the audio below as Gottlieb explains exactly why these changes have NOTHING to do with Rich Paul.

Doug Gottlieb Says NCAA's New Agent Rules Have Nothing to Do With Rich Paul