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Kevin Durant Says the Warriors Didn't Mishandle His Achilles Injury

Golden State Warriors v Toronto Raptors - Game Five
Chris Haynes: “Did the Warriors mishandle the injury?”
Kevin Durant: “Hell, no. How can you blame the Warriors? Hell, no. I heard the Warriors pressured me into getting back. Nobody never said a word to me during rehab as I was coming back. It was only me and [Director of sports medicine and performance] Rick [Celebrini] working out every day. Right when the series started, I targeted Game 5. Hell, nah. It just happened. It’s basketball. Sh*t happens. Nobody was responsible for it. It was just the game. We just need to move on from that sh*t because I’m going to be back playing.”

Kevin Durant sat down Chris B. Haynes of Yahoo Sports in revealing interview that documented the chain of events leading up to one of the most tragic injuries in NBA history, as the former Golden State Warriors superstar fully tore his Achilles during Game 5 of the NBA Finals.

The 30-year-old, 10-time All-Star, who signed a four-year, $164 million deal with the Brooklyn Nets last month, was rumored to be holding animosity towards his former team for the way they handled his injury, with many around the sport pointing the finger directly at Golden State’s training staff, saying there was enough negligence there to warrant legal action on Durant’s end, with the injury possibly ruining his chances at a max contract.

Many pundits even bashed Warriors President of Basketball Operations Bob Myers, for his tearful interview announcing Durant’s injury after it happened, calling them ‘Crocodile Tears’ and simply a bogus acting job to save face and to trigger damage control.

Durant, however, told Haynes and Yahoo that those conspiracy theories were complete BS, and the target goal was ALWAYS for him to come back in Game 5. This obviously went against the popular media narrative that the Warriors pushed Durant to come back because they were down 3-1 in the series to the Toronto Raptors and were desperate to salvage their dynasty.

Durant also told Haynes that ‘Sh*t Happens’ and that he’s accepted the fact that he just needs to move on.

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