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Look For Jon Gruden To Pursue Tom Brady As The Raiders Move to Las Vegas

Jon Gruden and the Raiders Could Pursue Tom Brady in Transition to Vegas

Jonas Knox made a bold prediction about what could be in the future for New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady who now has a new short term contract with the New England Patriots. Knox felt especially strong about this when he saw the relationship between Derek Carr and Jon Gruden on HBO's Hard Knocks.

Jonas Knox: "The best parts about Hard Knocks have been about the coach/quarterback relationship...I'm watching Jon Gruden, and I'm watching Derek Carr, and I'm fascinated to see how it plays out because I'm not 100% sold on Jon Gruden being sold on Derek Carr. And the Raiders can get out of that contract for about $5 million if they can't find a trade partner. You're moving to Las Vegas, and there's potentially going to be a quarterback on the market available who just so happens to be the biggest star in the sport. If things play out the way people think they might play out, wouldn't Jon Gruden welcome the opportunity to work with Tom Brady in Las Vegas?"

Rumors before the signing of Tom Brady to his new contract indicated that there was some difficulty reaching a deal with Brady's camp complaining at the progress of the deal. Could this be what possibly moves Tom Brady to Las Vegas with the Raiders next season?

Jonas Knox: "The Patriots didn't offer Tom Brady an extension past this year. The franchise tag is out the window on Tom Brady due to the agreement in the contract. Tom Brady's annoyed that they didn't give him a longer term deal and he spoke about it AND he put his house on the market so he could be available at the end of the season."

Hear the full audio above.

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