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The Ten Biggest NFL Questions Heading Into the 2019 Season

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The Ten Biggest NFL Questions Heading into the 2019 Season According to Colin Cowherd:

10. What is the Baltimore Ravens REAL plan with Lamar Jackson?

9. Can Jimmy Garoppolo stay healthy in San Francisco?

8. What version of Le’Veon Bell are we going to get on the New York Jets?

7. Can the New Orleans Saints recover from last year’s NFC Championship loss?

6. Can Cam Newton stay healthy?

5. What is the Pittsburgh Steelers offense going to look like without Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell?

4. Is Kyler Murray going to work?

3. Are the Cleveland Browns going to fold under their expectations?

2. Will Aaron Rodgers’ strong personality clash with new head coach Matt LaFleur?

1. When will the Ezekiel Elliott holdout end?

Listen to Colin Cowherd list the top ten biggest NFL questions heading into the 2019 season with the preseason set to kick off around the league this week.

Whether it’s the fate of Lamar Jackson’s highly anticipated sophomore season, the future of Ezekiel Elliott in the Dallas Cowboys backfield in peril, the potential of 5’10” Kyler Murray starting behind the league’s worst offensive line, or the Super Bowl expectations of the Cleveland Browns, many around the league believe this could be the most fascinating season of the decade.

Check out the full segment below.

The Ten Biggest NFL Questions Going Into the 2019 Season