Why Antonio Brown Should Have Never Left Ben Roethlisberger For Derek Carr

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Colin Cowherd: “Is it possible Antonio Brown made a big mistake leaving Big Ben?”
Nick Wright: “Sometimes divorce is better for both parties and sometimes is WORSE and this is the latter rather than the former. Big Ben and Antonio Brown would have been far better served to WORK IT OUT. Antonio will never play with a quarterback as good as Big Ben again, and Ben will spend the final years of his career with Juju getting double teamed. Antonio is not going to have another 1,800-yard season with Derek Carr throwing him 12-yard button hooks and I don’t think Ben will ever have a receiver as talented as Antonio again.”

Listen to Fox Sports 1 television personality and co-host of First Things First Nick Wright join The Herd to talk about why Antonio Brown is slowly coming to the sad realization that he’ll never have a quarterback as good as former teammate Ben Roethlisberger.

With the debut of HBO’s ‘Hard Knocks’ on Tuesday, Brown begins an already bizarre tenure with the Oakland Raiders, on a franchise that has struggled to offer any stability to its players, both in terms of competition, and public relations as well.

Check out the audio below as Nick explains to Colin Cowherd why both Brown and Roethlisberger will regret the rest of their career, ever deciding to break up with one another.

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