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Why the NCAA Made the Right Decision With New Rules on NBA Draft Agents

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Doug Gottlieb: “They don’t want some guy who is just getting into the business, who didn’t go to college... This is about protecting players from uncles, aunts, grandpas, second cousins, runners, AAU guys, and street guys. They want people who are educated in the profession and educated in general… This is the NCAA saying ‘here is a low bar, just have a degree, be a legitimate agent for a couple years, and come meet with us and pass the test so you know the NCAA rules and you can go sign NCAA players leaving for the NBA. Rich Paul has lawyers working for him. The fact Rich Paul doesn’t have a Bachelor’s degree should be a warning sign. I want my agent to not only have a Bachelor’s degree, I want him to have a Master’s degree, and a law degree.”

Listen to Doug Gottlieb explain why he completely agrees with the NCAA recently announcing new regulations that will affect the way elite college basketball players choose their representation leading up to the NBA Draft.

The NCAA is now requiring an NBA Players Association certification three years old (in consecutive years), completion of an in-person exam administered at the NCAA headquarters in Indianapolis, professional liability insurance, and lastly and most controversially, a Bachelor’s degree.

Check out the video below as Gottlieb says this was the right move by the NCAA, despite the mass derision the announcement has triggered.