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Why the NCAA's New Requirements For NBA Draft Agents Are Racist

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Nick Wright: “They say you have to be certified by the NBA Players Association for three years: fine. They say you then have to go to Indianapolis in person to take their exam: fine. If you do both of those things why in the world would you also need a Bachelor’s degree?? If I can pass your test without a Bachelor’s degree than a Bachelor’s degree must not be important. Rich Paul, the best and most powerful agent in the NBA, is proving you do not need a formalized Bachelor’s degree in the Germanic arts to represent Anthony Davis. This is not to protect the athlete, it’s to prevent the next Rich Paul. Demanding that agents have a Bachelor’s degree is elitist, it's classist, and you can add another ‘ist’ to this is as well.”

Listen to Fox Sports 1 analyst and First Things First co-host Nick Wright join The Herd to blast the NCAA for their recent unfurling of new regulations for being a sports agent representing college basketball players testing the NBA Draft waters.

The NCAA is now requiring an NBA Players Association certification three years old (in consecutive years), completion of an in-person exam administered at the NCAA headquarters in Indianapolis, professional liability insurance, and lastly and most controversially, a Bachelor’s degree.

Many media pundits are already coining it the 'Rich Paul Rule'.

Check out the audio below as Nick rants to Colin Cowherd why these suddenly arbitrary regulations come off as elitist, classist, and even racist.

Why the NCAA's New Requirements For NBA Draft Agents Are Racist