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Colin Cowherd Says SEC Football is Overrated

Florida State v Florida
Colin Cowherd: “The SEC is a very athletic conference but there is dysfunction in most of the good programs. Auburn: hates their coach. Tennessee: can’t find the right one. Florida: What coach are you on? What off-field crisis do you have? LSU: Has low self-esteem and is like Alabama’s little brother. Texas A&M: Tell me the last big bowl games they have won? Missouri: dysfunctional. This is a conference with talent but one that is riddled with average coaching and massive dysfunction. Stop telling me how great everyone in the SEC is… No, Alabama is great. The second best team, Georgia, can NEVER beat Alabama! In the last three years, Alabama is the only SEC team with a winning record against Top 25 teams. THAT’S IT. And most of them are severely under .500. If you take Alabama out of the SEC, you would say Georgia is the best team… Show me all the good Georgia wins the last 25 years?? They ALMOST beat Alabama every year… Yeah, Clemson BEATS Alabama.” (FULL audio at the bottom of page).

Listen to Colin Cowherd discuss Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney’s recent comments talking down the notion of an ‘SEC grind’ when mentioning members of the media trying to excuse Alabama’s blowout loss to Clemson in the National Championship game last season because they were ‘tired’ from a full SEC slate of games.

Swinney alluded to how top heavy the league was and said it’s really not that elite of a conference from top to bottom minus the goliaths like Alabama, Georgia, and LSU.

Swinney challenged the idea of a ‘grind’ saying Alabama won every game by 33.1 points and they should have been well rested from a schedule that failed to ever give them real competition.

Check out the audio below as Colin agrees with Dabo and says the conference might be the most talented in the NCAA from a players standpoint, but one that is riddled with dysfunction in the head coaching ranks, and a conference that is Alabama and really not much else.

Colin Cowherd Says SEC Football is Overrated