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Peter King Pulled Over By Police During Dan Patrick Show Phone Interview

Super Bowl XLVI Broadcasters Press Conference
Dan Patrick: “This seems like maybe the best Cowboys team we’ve seen in a while, would you agree with that?”
Peter King: “I think it is too… (Pause) Hey, Dan, guess what?? This is hilarious, I just got stopped talking on a cell phone because I’m talking to you. Now I have to hang up because the cop is coming to the car. Sorry about that!”
Dan Patrick: “Do you want me to talk to the police officer? (PAUSE) Did he hang up??”


Dan Patrick: "Peter we have a bet whether or not you got a ticket, did you get a ticket??"
Peter King: “Of course I got a ticket! I said I was on with Dan Patrick and he said ‘here’s your ticket’… That was fun. I just said to Fritzy, good thing I’m fabulously wealthy!!”
Dan Patrick: “You should have said you were on with ‘Mike and Mike!’

Listen to NFL insider and NBC Sports football analyst Peter King join The Dan Patrick Show in an interview about Ezekiel Elliott’s stalemate with the Dallas Cowboys over a new contract that quickly turned into King getting pulled over by the police.

Check out the hilarious video below as King has to hang up on Dan because the police officer was pulling him over!