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Why Colin Kaepernick Needs to Stop Playing the Victim Card

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Jason Smith: “Colin Kaepernick has to realize that it’s over but he still has not. He has to STOP with the ‘I am being denied work’ part of it. Kaepernick was suing the NFL and was going to expose everybody and then what happens? He settles with the NFL for less than 10 million dollars… He ‘settled’ and walked away instead of proving he was blackballed. Why did you settle if you had the proof?? Then to come back and say you’ve been denied work for 889 days? Dude, STOP. You could have proven everyone wrong, but you took a payout. Now he’s trying to play victim AGAIN!” (FULL Audio at Bottom of Page).

Listen to Jason Smith explain why controversial former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick needs drop the ‘Denied Work for XXX Days’ tagline he’s used in his recent social media videos, when in reality, Kaepernick sold out trying to prove that he was actually being blackballed by the NFL.

Kaepernick was attempting one of the most legendary court cases in sports history two years ago, literally bidding to prove that the entire National Football League was colluding against him. After months of rah-rah from Kaepernick’s legal team on the amount of ammunition they had against the league, they unexpectedly settled for a strikingly low dollar amount.

Smith says Kaepernick needs to stop playing the victim card, when he had ample time to actually prove he was a victim, but ultimately shot blanks in court.

Check out the audio below as Smith says Kaepernick needs to just drop this silly storyline that he’s still being denied work, and just accept the fact his NFL career is over.

Why Colin Kaepernick Needs to Stop Playing the Victim Card