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Do Modern NFL Players Still Take Jon Gruden Seriously?

Oakland Raiders v Los Angeles Rams
Jason McIntyre: “How inauthentic was that Jon Gruden speech? It felt so fake and so scripted. Like, dude, get out of here with this garbage. You think Bill Belichick is making dumb a** speeches like that? I don’t want to hear that nonsense. I’m not running through a wall for you.”
Jonas Knox: “If you watch other parts of the show you notice that guys didn’t really take him all that serious. I don’t think he puts the fear of God inside guys to where they’ve got to act a certain way.” (FULL Audio at Bottom of Page)

Listen to Jonas Knox and Jason McIntyre (Filling in for Chris Broussard and Rob Parker) to discuss HBO’s ongoing season of ‘Hard Knocks’ with the Oakland Raiders, and talk about whether or not they believe modern day NFL players still take Raiders head coach Jon Gruden seriously.

Gruden is one of the most recognizable faces in NFL history because of his memorable style, loud and emphatic sense of humor, and his almost cartoon-like love for football, but his television career in the decade following his firing in Tampa Bay, made his name almost entirely synonymous with TV for a younger generation of players.

Check out the audio below as Jonas and Jason wonders if players see him as a real coach, or still that charming and entertaining celebrity on ESPN.

Do Modern NFL Players Still Take Jon Gruden Seriously?