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Jay Glazer Says the NFL Preseason is Literally 'Pick-Up Football'

New York Jets v New York Giants
Jason Smith: “The Giants have talked about how this is Eli Manning’s job and Daniel Jones is just going to be the backup – is that how this is really going to play out?”
Jay Glazer: “This is for all the fans out there getting stoked about preseason… NOBODY GAME PLANS IN PRESEASON. All they care about is that nobody gets hurt. There’s no game plan so you’re looking at guys just dropping back and playing pick-up football. You’re not looking at them with people knowing their nuances and their tells. Nobody was game-planning for Daniel Jones. I know I’m raining on people’s parade because he did a good job with --- FIVE PASSES. Let’s not anoint him the next Peyton Manning on five passes. Sorry Giants fans, I’m keeping it real.” (FULL Interview at Bottom of Page).

Listen to notorious NFL insider Jay Glazer join The Jason Smith Show to talk about overreactions when it comes to football fans jumping on the bandwagons of players putting up big numbers in the preseason.

New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones, one of the most controversial and derided draft picks of all time, held a revenge tour against his biggest critics Thursday night when he had a flawless victory over the Jets defense, going 5 for 5 with 67 yards a touchdown.

Check out the interview below as Glazer says SLOW DOWN GIANTS FANS, and explains why NFL preseason overreactions are one of the most comically erroneous storylines in football, and details why the brand of football you're seeing in August is literally the type of pick-up ball you see on the playground.

Jay Glazer Says the NFL Preseason is Literally 'Pick-Up Football'