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Doug Gottlieb Attends Cowboys, Chargers and Rams Training Camps

DGS at Rams Camp

Los Angeles Rams Training Camp Report

Doug Gottlieb is always fascinated by Sean McVay in his yearly visits to the LA Rams Training Camp. The young coach still remembers each visit right down to what was discussed and where the Rams were at that time. McVay lived up to his reputation as a savant coming off of what should be seen as an incredible success considering the Rams went straight to the Super Bowl in the previous season. They faced a substantial challenge in an injury to Cooper Kupp which put the wideout load on Robert Woods. Plus, a reduced load on Todd Gurley into the post-season hampered much of their offensive strategy only to be slightly saved by the late addition of C.J. Anderson. Let's not forget, this team went 8-0 last season and produced what is considered the highlight game of the season against the Kansas City Chiefs.

LA Rams Head Coach Sean McVay

Doug Gottlieb, in this interview with Sean McVay, attempts to get to the bottom of what the LA Rams head coach needs to be successful this 2019 season. Doug and McVay speak on the importance of Todd Gurley's health and the addition of veteran players in Eric Weddle and Clay Matthews. Plus they talk about the trouble of traveling too much in the preseason and how making the Super Bowl in the previous season makes things even more difficult this time around.

LA Rams Wide Receiver Robert Woods

LA Rams wide receiver Robert Woods is flying high as he was able to secure himself a pay raise and rightfully so due to taking on the leadership role for his unit when Cooper Kupp went down in the previous season. Woods gives us his first impression of being under the tutelage of Sean McVay as well as what he wishes he could have done differently against the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl. Woods also gives us some insight into the type of person quarterback Jared Goff is.

LA Rams General Manager Les Snead

Players holding out on their teams is the norm heading into the NFL season, especially when it comes to the NFL's running back position. This season the big players are Ezekiel Elliott of the Dallas Cowboys and Melvin Gordon of the LA Chargers. LA Rams GM Les Snead, however, went against the grain of other NFL teams and gave Todd Gurley a big contract making him one of the highest-paid backs in the league. This kind of deal makes the market more challenging for other teams now that the bar has been set high. Snead offers his explanation for his actions and feels justified in what the Rams organization has done.

DGS at Chargers Camp

LA Chargers Training Camp Report

Doug Gottlieb is an LA Chargers fan. You can see it in the following interviews as he grills Anthony Lynn on some of the challenges the team had throughout the season. Chargers are getting ready to enter this season as a squad to be respected as they're highly dynamic and had a strong showing in the previous season but ran into a wall called Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.

LA Chargers Head Coach Anthony Lynn

Doug Gottlieb speaks with head coach Anthony Lynn of the LA Chargers, and they start the conversation talking about the progress of training camp and Lynn's observations from the team's joint practice with the LA Rams. They discuss the difficulty of not having Melvin Gordon at camp and the condition of Philip Rivers as he enters his 16th season. Gottlieb also gets on Lynn for the Chargers' struggles against the Patriots in the playoffs and how things could have been better if earlier games in the season went differently.

LA Chargers General Manager Tom Telesco

It has to be difficult not having a star player on a holdout during training camp but there's always an inherent risk/reward situation when it comes to paying any player and right now NFL teams are much more opposed to the risk of overpaying a running back which is why Melvin Gordon and the LA Chargers are at a standstill. Chargers General Manager Tom Telesco explains what's holding up the Chargers and Gordon to reach a deal.

LA Chargers Wide Receiver Mike Williams

Doug Gottlieb speaks with Chargers wide receiver Mike Williams who now looks like he could potentially be a substantial piece of the team's offense. Williams talks about his excitement for what comes next in the 2019 season, playing in wild environments in his Clemson days, as well as his big play against the Kansas City Chiefs last season. Williams also explains why he prefers to "take the will" of players when he receives a catch for a touchdown rather than running in a touchdown.

LA Chargers Tight End Hunter Henry

Huner Henry officially returns which you wouldn't know if you were watching Stephen A. Smith in the previous NFL Season. Smith, unfortunately, swore an injured Henry would be an integral piece of the LA Chargers offense. Fortunately, Henry did manage to return to the lineup in time for the Chargers' battle against the New England Patriots in the playoffs. Doug Gottlieb speaks with Henry about Smith's mishap and how that feeds into the reputation of the LA Chargers for not being in the national discussion despite their successes. Gottlieb asks Henry what he learned from watching on the sidelines, about his readiness for this season and the difference between playoff football and regular-season football.

DGS at Cowboys Camp

Dallas Cowboys Training Camp Report

Count on the Dallas Cowboys to own the headlines as Ezekiel Elliott enjoys "training" in Cabo San Lucas rather than being with his brothers in Oxnard, California due to contract disputes with the Dallas Cowboys. Jerry Jones continues to own the media attention as he seems to have a range of comments that go from cunning to crazy to hilarious. There's also this issue of negotiations for Dak Prescott's contract which continue to be up in the air as he wants big money. The consensus would tell you that Prescott isn't worthy of the money his peers are receiving and would recommend focusing on getting a deal to keep Zeke.

Dallas Cowboys Tight End Jason Witten

Money aside, at least the Cowboys can look forward to the return of Jason Witten who took the 2018 season off to move into broadcasting. He now returns and explains what he learned from sitting out and what he can offer his team right now. Witten also explains to Gottlieb the value of a quarterback like Dak Prescott.

Dallas Cowboys Center Travis Frederick

Travis Frederick is back on the horse again after going down last season with Guillain-Barré Syndrome. Frederick explains how the path back to form wasn't an easy one and what sparked the possibility he could actually return to the NFL. Frederick also talks about his offensive coordinator Kellen Moore and how his young perspective helps in connecting with other players on the team. Plus, Frederick shares his thoughts on the leadership of Dak Prescott and Prescott's comfort in that role.

Dallas Cowboys Linebacker Leighton Vander Esch

Sophomore linebacker Leighton Vander Esch is in position to shine even brighter as the pressure is on for a Dallas Cowboys defense that made a massive case to be one of the best. Vander Esch talks about the confidence he had in himself to step up when Sean Lee went down. He also credits Lee for helping him improve throughout the season and talks about how experience is helping him process the game better.