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Police Mistakenly Arrest NCAA QB After Thinking Bird Poop was Cocaine

Georgia Southern v Auburn

Authorities in South Carolina have dropped the drug charges against Georgia Southern University quarterback Shai Werts after a lab test revealed that the drugs were actually bird poop. The charges stemmed from a traffic stop on July 31.

Werts was pulled over for speeding in Saluda County, South Carolina. The officers noticed white splotches on the hood of his Dodge Charger and asked the 21-year-old to step out of his vehicle. He explained to the officers that it was bird poop and that he tried to wash it off earlier in the day.

The officers placed Werts in the back of a squad car while they searched his vehicle. They tested the white substance and it came back positive for cocaine. Werts continued to tell the officer that it was bird poop but the officer did not believe him.

"I swear to God it's not [bird poo] because I just tested it, and that turned pink," the officer explained.

Werts was taken into custody and charged with speeding and cocaine possession. He was also suspended from all team activities at Georgia Southern.

Officials sent out the substance for further testing and the results found no evidence of illegal drugs. They are working to expunge the record of Wertz's arrest, though he will still be on the hook for the speeding ticket.

Georgia Southern athletic director Tom Kleinlein announced that the team was "elated to get the news" and Werts has been reinstated.