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Antonio Brown's Helmet Saga is Hurting Ezekiel Elliott's Contract Dispute

Dallas Cowboys v Pittsburgh Steelers
Colin Cowherd: “When I watch the Antonio Brown stuff I don’t know how you don’t see some parallels and have some concerns with Ezekiel Elliott and paying him big money. I’m just seeing flashing red lights of ‘WARNING, WARNING, WARNING.’ You can say it’s not fair and Antonio Brown is worse but sixth months ago Zeke had the Mardi Gras incident, the Vegas incident, and had the female allegation incident. Zeke had way more stuff on the bad resume than AB did. BE VERY CAREFUL. Money is jet fuel for the ego. Once you pay an athlete who has had issues, they don't go away... They often EXPLODE.” (FULL Audio at Bottom of Page)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why Antonio Brown’s absolutely bizarre first couple weeks at Oakland Raiders Training Camp isn’t exactly bettering Ezekiel Elliott’s chances of getting a new contract.

Colin thinks both players draw very close parallels as Hall of Fame talents that carry an exorbitant amount of baggage with them, as the two All-Pros haven’t exactly been perfect samaritans while in the NFL.

Check out the video below as Colin explains why Brown is setting a harsh precedent for ‘diva’ players who get their money and then begin to rapidly implode their teams with their manifesting ego. Colin also details why Dallas is taking notice of the drama Brown is producing in Oakland.