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Colin Cowherd Ranks the Ten Greatest Left-Handed Athletes in Sports History

NFL Preseason - Atlanta Falcons vs Tennessee Titans - August 26, 2006

Ten Greatest Left-Handed Athletes in Sports History according to Colin Cowherd:

10. James Harden: “MVP, seven-time All-Star, and averaged 36.1 points last year, the most since Michael Jordan in 1987.”

9. Manny Pacquiao: “He’s won 12 major world titles and is also a senator of the Philippines.

8. Shane Falco/Johnny Utah:Led Ohio State to the Sugar Bowl!”

7. Steve Young: “Super Bowl MVP, regular season MVP x2, and because he followed Joe Montana, he’s probably the most underrated player in NFL history.”

6. Ken Griffey Jr: "Thirteen-time All-Star and may have been the most naturally gifted baseball player I have ever seen.”

5. Aristotle: “Not much of a sports tie but he’s arguably the smartest man in the history of the world.”

4. Rafael Nadal: “Greatest clay player ever and you can make the argument that he’s the greatest tennis player of all time.”

3. Barry Bonds: “Most home runs ever, 14-time All-Star, and won eight Gold Gloves."

2. Bill Russell: “Our first great NBA center, made the small University of San Francisco a National Champion, and has double the championships of Jordan.”

1. Babe Ruth: “Seven-time World Series champ, 12-time league home run leader, he out-homered entire leagues, he has third most home runs of all time and called his shot in the 1932 World Series.

**”Wayne Gretzky did not make the list because he’s ambidextrous!”