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Baker Mayfield Says He 'Won't Ever Change' Who He Is

Washington Redskins v Cleveland Browns
Baker Mayfield: “I probably won’t ever change. That’s just me. I mean, there’s growing up and lessons you learn throughout life, but you know, I’m always going to be who I am and enjoy that.”
Colin Cowherd: “Tom Brady defines change, that’s why he’s the GOAT. That’s why Tom Brady aged better than Brett Favre. Brett was more rigid and stubborn... What do you want to be, Baker Mayfield?” (FULL Audio at Bottom of Page)

Listen to Colin Cowherd discuss a recent interview Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield had with Complex Magazine that talked about his tabloid stardom as one of the most rebellious stars in sports.

One of the most notable parts of the interview Cowherd brought up was Mayfield saying he ‘probably won’t ever change’, as Mayfield’s reputation is just as synonymous with beer chugging, crotch grabbing, and police videos as it is with tossing touchdowns.

Colin thinks Mayfield sounded like a 24-year-old boy in the interview and says if Mayfield ever wants to be a star quarterback in this league, he’s eventually going to have to refine himself and ‘grow up’.

Check out the video below as Colin details why he actually thinks Mayfield IS changing, and why he’s going to have a successful NFL career because of it.