Colin Cowherd Disagrees With Baker Mayfield, Says America Loves the Browns

Washington Redskins v Cleveland Browns
Baker Mayfield: “I think in the media and everything that comes with the hype around our team right now, people want to see us lose, just because the hype is so real."
Colin Cowherd: “This is totally false. EVERYONE is rooting for Cleveland outside of Pittsburgh, Baltimore, and Cincinnati. The country is rooting for Cleveland, the networks are rooting for Cleveland and Vegas is rooting for Cleveland. Baker Mayfield and the Browns are fun and I don’t want to see them go 0-16. Nobody is rooting for you to lose, Baker, everyone wants you to win.” (FULL Audio at Bottom of Page)

Listen to Colin Cowherd comment on Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield recent interview with Complex Magazine, in particular, a part of the conversation when Mayfield claimed the media wants the Browns to lose.

Cowherd vehemently disagrees with Mayfield, and says just like how America fell in love with the Chicago Cubs making their World Series ruin in 2016, the American public has almost unanimously jumped on the Browns bandwagon as the lovable losers turned contenders that has support from every fan who has lived through seeing the Browns embarrassingly suffer the last three decades.

Check out the audio below as Colin explains why EVERYONE is a Browns fan this year.

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