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Philip Rivers Says Super Bowl Rings Shouldn't Define a Quarterback's Legacy

AFC Divisional Playoffs: New England Patriots v San Diego Chargers
Dan Patrick: “It’s weird how we try to assess greatness at the quarterback position. If you look at playoff wins and Super Bowls, Brady has to be the best of all time but then I keep hearing ‘AARON RODGERS, GREATEST QUARTERBACK OF ALL TIME’, and I’m going ‘Well, wait, he only has one Super Bowl?’ How do you think quarterbacks should be judged?”
Philip Rivers: “I remember when the Patriots beat the Seahawks when the Patriots had the interception at the goal line to give Brady his fourth championship…Everyone was saying that NOW he’s the greatest of all time. I already thought he was the greatest of all time but because they intercepted the pass he’s NOW the greatest of all time? If the Seahawks just ran it in and had won, Brady would have played the same exact game and didn’t do anything different. I don’t look at that [amount of rings] so that’s why I always think Marino is in the mix too [for greatest QB ever]. You can’t just go off that [number of Super Bowls] in this sport.” (FULL Interview at Bottom of Page)

Listen to Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers discuss quarterback legacies in the NFL on The Dan Patrick Show, particularly how the media judges the ‘Greatest of All Time’ when it comes to quarterbacks winning Super Bowls.

Rivers pointed out how Tom Brady won Super Bowl XLIX over the Seahawks in 2015, and how the triumphant victory made fans conclude that Brady was officially the GOAT. In a game that was infamously decided by a last-second interception at the goal line, Rivers wonders what would have been the storyline in the media if the Seahawks had just run the ball in with Marshawn Lynch and won the game. Surely, the GOAT talk would have been muffled, even though Brady would have played the exact same game.

Check out the interview below as Rivers says Super Bowl victories shouldn’t define a player’s legacy, as he argues that Dan Marino should be at the top of any QB rankings, despite the former Miami Dolphins icon never winning a Super Bowl.