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Colin Cowherd: Incompetence of the AFC East Has Hidden Tom Brady's Decline

New England Patriots v Buffalo Bills
Colin Cowherd: “The reason Tom Brady’s gradual decline is mostly hidden is because of the division that he’s in. If you look at the history of sports dynasties you generally need to have a ‘local break’. When Pete Carroll was dominating football at USC the Pac-12 was atrocious and he had like seven laydown games a year. Michael Jordan started his dynasty when the Pistons and Celtics got old. LeBron could take games off in the easier Eastern Conference and didn’t have to play as hard… Tom Brady is 30-3 against the Bills, 27-6 against the Jets, and 22-11 against the Dolphins. Brady is getting all these little breaks because of the dysfunction in the AFC East.” (FULL Audio at Bottom of Page).

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why the biggest secret behind the longevity of 42-year-old legend Tom Brady, isn’t really a mystery at all.

The six-time Super Bowl champion is the greatest quarterback in history but many around the sport have long wondered how Brady has been able to remain such an MVP-caliber quarterback well into his late-30’s and early 40’s – literally uncharted territory in professional sports.

Colin says Brady is definitely declining physically, but we just don’t notice it because of the incredible dysfunction surrounding Brady in the AFC East Division.

The Bills, Jets, and Dolphins have been three of the least successful franchises in the NFL the last 40+ years, as the division’s last Super Bowl victory outside of New England was the Dolphins in 1973.

The present-day Dolphins haven’t won a playoff game since 2000, the Bills haven’t won a playoff game since 1995, and the Jets have gone 14-34 the last three seasons and haven’t appeared in a Super Bowl since 1968.

Check out the audio below as Colin details why the incompetence of the AFC East has allowed Brady to remain on top of the sport for so long.

Colin Cowherd: Incompetence of the AFC East Has Hidden Tom Brady's Decline