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Report: Bears' Kyle Long Attacks Bears Player By Swinging Helmet at Rookie

Wild Card Round - Philadelphia Eagles v Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears offensive lineman Kyle Long was kicked out of practice after he attacked a rookie defender with his own helmet. Long was not happy after rookie defensive end Jalen Dalton blocked him during interception on a previous play.

When they lined up for another play, Long ripped Dalton's helmet off his head and tossed it into the air. He then took the helmet and hit Dalton multiple with it times before the lopsided fight was broken up by tackle Charles Leno.

Bears coach Matt Nagy told reporters that he spoke with Long after the incident but will not go into details about what type of punishment Long could face.

"Well, I mean, we all saw what we saw, and I saw the same thing,"Nagy said after practice. "So, you know, I'm going to keep that between us internally. But it was just disappointing, you know, but we'll handle that internally and make sure that we do it the right way."

Bears training camp has been chippy this week. It was the second time in four days that Long got into a fight with a teammate and the third consecutive practice in which a fight broke out.

Photo: Getty Images