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Why Jimmy Garoppolo is the Most Overrated and Overpaid Player in the NFL

San Francisco 49ers v Minnesota Vikings
Jason Smith: “Wait a minute, who said Jimmy Garoppolo was overrated, not worth the money, and they paid him too soon?? Oh, right, ME. They gave him A LOT of money and they still don’t know if he’s going to be a good quarterback. Nick Mullens and CJ Beathard came in last year and had some pretty huge games, and you wonder what would happen if they actually made the starting quarterback position open for competition. Garoppolo had five games at the of end of the year in 2017 and you decided that he was your guy… He threw seven touchdowns and five picks, it wasn’t like he was throwing for 400 yards a week and had 14 touchdowns and two interceptions.” (FULL Audio at Bottom of Page).

Listen to Jason Smith discuss the recent news coming out of San Francisco 49ers training camp that reported starting quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo had thrown five consecutive interceptions at Monday’s practice.

Last February, Garoppolo infamously became the highest paid player in the NFL when the 49ers signed the former Tom Brady backup to a five-year, $137.5 million deal despite Garoppolo only starting seven year games in the NFL to that point.

Just three games into his new deal last season, Garoppolo suffered a torn ACL and missed the rest of the season, giving rise to obvious narratives of the 49ers being on the hook for one of the most ludicrous contracts in NFL history.

Check out the audio below as Smith explains why he still has no idea why the 49ers broke the bank for Jimmy G when they did, when they still had time to see if the guy was actually a decent starter.

Why Jimmy Garoppolo is the Most Overrated Player in the NFL