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Why Kyler Murray is a Long Shot to Succeed in the NFL

Los Angeles Chargers v Arizona Cardinals
Ben Maller: “Kyler Murray is the biggest Draft risk in NFL history, and it’s not me hyping this, it’s just the reality. Because of his diminutive size and limited body of work at Oklahoma, this is essentially betting on green double zero on the Roulette wheel… He is the long shot of long shots. It’s like there being another ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ and you bet on the boxer who has his shoelaces tied together. Murray took the field with better players around him in every game he started at Oklahoma until the moment Murray was exposed against Nick Saban and Alabama. Murray laid an egg in that game and SUCKED before putting up garbage time numbers. Even Murray doesn’t think he’s a generational talent in football, he signed a professional contract with the Oakland Athletics! If he was such a generational talent then why on God’s green earth would he sign with the A’s to ride buses in the Minor Leagues??” (FULL Audio at Bottom of Page).

Listen to Ben Maller explain why Arizona Cardinals rookie quarterback Kyler Murray was the biggest Draft risk in NFL history and why he’s an absolute pipedream to succeed in the NFL.

Murray, of course, was the number one overall pick last April after winning the Heisman trophy at Oklahoma. Murray will be one of the smaller quarterbacks in NFL history, but many executives think he could survive in the pros at that size because of his elite accuracy, and historically refined elusiveness.

Check out the audio below, however, as Maller calls Murray a massive longshot and says if Murray really was this special football phenom, then why did initially choose to play baseball?

Why Kyler Murray is a Long Shot to Succeed in the NFL