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Chargers GM on Melvin Gordon: "Our Goal is to Pay and Reward Our Players"

Miami Dolphins v Los Angeles Chargers
Colin Cowherd: “Do you feel closer or further with Melvin Gordon now compared with two weeks ago?”
Chargers General Manager Tom Telesco: “It’s hard to characterize where exactly we are with that and I wouldn’t even try to get into that, but I see value in the running back position. They carry the ball, you have to be able to catch the ball out of the backfield, especially this day in age, and you have to pass protect so there’s a lot of value there. Our goal for all our players is to reward our own, and pay them and reward them for their past production and future performance... But we can’t lose sight of the main goal, which is to win a championship and to compete for championships year after year. To do that we have to remain fiscally responsible with our salary cap.” (FULL AUDIO AT BOTTOM OF PAGE)

Listen to Los Angeles Chargers general manager Tom Telesco join The Herd to talk about star running back Melvin Gordon’s ongoing contract holdout.

The former first round pick playing in the final year of his rookie deal would be earning $5.6 million this season, but is demanding to be paid alongside the highest grossing running backs in the league Todd Gurley ($14.4 million), Le’Veon Bell ($13.1 million), and David Johnson (13.0 million).

Telesco reportedly was willing to offer Gordon in the range of $10 million per season, which would make him only the fourth running back to hit the double digit millions in annual salary (Devonta Freeman has the fourth highest RB salary at $8.3 million.

Check out the audio below as Telesco explains that he values the running back position, and how the goal for all front offices is to ‘reward their players for past production and future performance.’

Chargers GM Tom Telesco: "We Have to Be Responsible With Our Salary Cap"