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Why Kyler Murray is Already Showing Major Red Flags as an NFL Quarterback

Oakland Raiders v Arizona Cardinals
Rob Parker: "Steve Keim, the GM of the Cardinals, may have done Kyler Murray a disservice by calling him a 'generational talent.'"
Telly Hughes: "If nothing else, Kyler Murray showed a lot of the red flags that NFL executives were pointing to during the draft process." (FULL VIDEO AT BOTTOM OF PAGE).

Listen to Rob Parker and Telly Hughes (Filling in for Chris Broussard) explain why they’re a little alarmed by the preseason debuts of Kyler Murray, as the former Heisman trophy-winning, number one overall pick has had quite a lukewarm start to his NFL career.

Although Parker acknowledges the fact that it’s only the preseason, he mentions how fans always jump on the bandwagons of players who play well during August, i.e. Daniel Jones, but then act like preseason is meaningless if the player is immensely struggling, i.e. Kyler.

Murray went from Texas A&M transfer, to Baker Mayfield backup, to Heisman winner, to Oakland A’s first round draft pick, to number one overall NFL Draft pick in one of the most astonishing rises in sports history.

Check out the video below as Parker and Hughes wonder if one of the sport’s most debated phenomenons, is really the player we think is going to save the Arizona Cardinals.