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Colin Cowherd Predicts Antonio Brown's 2019 Season For the Oakland Raiders

Oakland Raiders v Arizona Cardinals

Colin Cowherd Predicts the Over/Unders for Antonio Brown this Season:


OVER/UNDER: 1,221.5 Receiving Yards?

“Raiders haven’t had someone over 1,200 yards since Jerry Rice, so I’m going to go slightly UNDER. I don’t love the Raiders offensive line and Ben Roethlisberger was arguably the league’s best deep ball thrower.”

OVER/UNDER: 95.5 Receptions?

“He averaged 93 catches a year with the Steelers and they had the second most pass attempts in the league last year. I’m going to go UNDER.”

OVER/UNDER: 7.5 Touchdowns

“I’m going to go OVER on that. He averages more than that and although I don’t think his volume will be good, he’s a playmaker and the Gruden offensives are always competitive and risk-taking.”

OVER/UNDER :1.5 Missed Games

UNDER. He plays. He’s not a guy that gets hurt a ton and he is a workout phenom.”

OVER/UNDER: 5.5 Wins

UNDER. Their division is great and they’re playing everywhere this year except Dusseldorf. That schedule is brutal and they travel more miles than any team this year and any team the last several years. They’ve averaged 5 wins the last 16 years and the top of their division is as good as it’s been for years.”

OVER/UNDER: 0.5 Helmets Worn

OVER. He will wear a new helmet this year.”