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Colin Cowherd Says Antonio Brown is the Modern Day Version of Terrell Owens

Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys
Colin Cowherd: “Antonio Brown has become Terrell Owens. Both were small college guys who got overlooked by a lot of people. Both came to the NFL with legacy franchises. Both were super productive, all-time talents. both have the same agent – Drew Rosenhaus. Both eventually had their team gets worn out with them and move off them. Owens was ‘sit-ups in the driveway’ guy and Brown was ‘cryotherapy, feet disaster' and 'hot air balloon guy’. Both call out quarterbacks and both call out authority. They’re even referred to as their initials. 'TO' and 'AB'. In some sports that works but football is the most corporate and the most regimented sport in American culture. Coaches are authoritarian unlike MLB and the NBA.” (FULL AUDIO AT BOTTOM OF PAGE)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks Oakland Raiders wide receiver Antonio Brown is the NFL’s modern day version of Terrell Owens, as Hall of Fame talents who eventually became locker room killers with their bizarre diva antics.

Cowherd compares the personal characteristics of the star wideouts and comes to the conclusion that they’re two small college guys who came into the league with a chip on their shoulder and dominated for most of their career, but also two players who wore out their welcome with their former teams, talked trash about their quarterbacks, and then went full-crazy with their new teams as a tabloid superstars.

Check out the audio below as Colin says the NFL is the one league where a personality like that can only remain for so long.

Why Antonio Brown is the Modern Day Terrell Owens