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Fans Believe Kobe Bryant is Mystery Person in Dancing With the Stars Promo

Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers has his fing

Social media apparently believes a recent Dancing With The Stars promo featuring a mystery individual holding a crystal tiled disco ball is NBA legend Kobe Bryant.

In the twitter post from August 18, the ‘Dancing with the Stars’ verified account tweeted a picture with the caption ‘This star has iconic ball skills. He’s ready to work for the Mirrorball’

The full cast of season 28 will be revealed on 'Good Morning America' on Wednesday, August 21st, but adroit Twitter users are already floating theories that it has to be Bryant.

Despite the promo not showing the person’s face, basketball fans have noticed distinct features of the mystery person's hands, especially the size and shape of their fingers.

One user says the right hand of the person in the DWTS picture shows an individual with a crooked pinky finger, then shows a dated picture of Bryant holding up both of his hands revealing a pinky that has clearly been severely jammed or broken at some point in the past.

Bryant famously suffered from finger and hand injuries during his 20 NBA seasons.

Bryant wouldn’t be the first former Laker to join the show, as former teammate Derek Fisher appeared on season 25, with Hall of Famer Lakers legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar appearing a year later on season 26.