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Kawhi Leonard Spotted Playing Golf With New Afro Hair Style

Los Angeles Clippers Introduce Kawhi Leonard & Paul George

Los Angeles Clippers neophyte superstar Kawhi Leonard was spotted at a golf course over the weekend sporting a new hairstyle that basketball fans have yet to ever see The Board Man showcase.

Leonard, who has been playing with his usual cornrows from Martin Luther King high school, through San Diego State, and now eight years in the NBA, was shockingly seen with an Afro hair style while hitting up the links on Sunday.

The afro hairstyle was popularized in American society in the mid-1960’s and was made famous in the NBA by players like Julius Erving, Artis Gilmore, Wes Unseld, and even Bill Walton.

Leonard is no stranger to off the cusp paparazzi moments. Leonard was followed around seemingly the entire summer by amateur photographers looking to break news on Twitter about Leonard’s free agent whereabouts, with users frequently snapping Leonard getting off of planes at different cities, and even leaving a Home Depot in Toronto with moving boxes.

The 28-year-old Leonard is considered by many around the sport to be the NBA’s best two-way player, and will anchor a reloaded Los Angeles Clippers team who will open the season as the co-favorite to win the 2020 NBA Finals alongside the crosstown Lakers.

This past July, Leonard signed a three-year, $103 with the Clippers to team up with fellow All-NBA’er Paul George.